About Us

Who We Are

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) is a socio-economic justice coalition established in February 2000 to facilitate citizens` involvement in making public policy more pro-people and pro-poor. ZIMCODD views indebtedness, the unfair global trade regime and lack of democratic people-centred economic governance as root causes of the socio-economic crises in Zimbabwe and the world at large. Drawing from community-based livelihood experiences of its membership, ZIMCODD implements programmes aimed at delivering the following objectives:

• To raise the level of economic literacy among ZIMCODD members to ensure the participation of grassroots and marginalised communities in national governance processes.
• To facilitate research, lobbying and advocacy in order to influence and promote policy change.
• To formulate credible and sustainable economic and social policy alternatives.
• To develop a national coalition and facilitate the building of a vibrant movement for social and economic justice.

ZIMCODD is a member of regional and international networks working on social and economic justice. In the SADC region, it is the Host of the Permanent Secretariat of the Southern African People`s Solidarity Network (SAPSN) from January 2019, whose focus is to support the development of alternatives to the current corporate led globalization with a negative impact on national and regional policies. ZIMCODD is also host to the Zimbabwe Social Forum (ZSF) aiming to develop a vibrant space for reflective thinking, democratic debate, formulation and exchange of alternative ideas in Zimbabwe and beyond.


Sustainable socio-economic justice in Zimbabwe through a vibrant people-based movement.


To take action against the debt burden and socio-economic injustices through movement building and alternative policy formulation.

Core Values

Displaying unity and camaraderie with organizations and individuals who share ZIMCODD objectives.


Being professional, ethical, honest, fair, reliable, open and answerable in the conduct of activities.


Believing in moral rightness based on ethics, rationality and law.


We value the views and opinions of different individuals, groups and communities.


We complement each other in undertaking tasks.


We believe that free participation in decision making promotes ownership and implementation of decisions.


We shall take appropriate action against socio-economic injustices.

Preference for human development

Our efforts are directed at promoting the advancement of the lives of human beings through sustainable methodologies that fully respect the planet and the environment.

Rights based approach

Facilitation of people’s participation to enable them to determine their own destiny. All our interventions have the rights holder in mind.

Feminist approach

We believe that in understanding women’s political, social and economic status, their day to day challenges and finding solutions to the complex challenges they face, therein lies the fundamental pillars for social and economic justice. The struggle for social and economic justice cannot be complete if the plight of women is not addressed in all facets of life. We therefore use feminist lenses and look at the ways women’s social and economic status can be improved.

Youth focused

Youth are an asset in our work and we engage them through a positive, participative & anti-oppressive approach.