Core Implementation Approaches

Civic Participation in Economic Development (CPED)

CPED seeks to build on and consolidate the mobilisation of peoples of Zimbabwe to champion socio-economic justice and development. Information gathered in citizen interface is used to advance rooted policy advocacy and research. Through this approach, ZIMCODD: - Generates public interest and opinion on civic participation and socio-economic rights;
- Develops vibrant sector networks and their constituencies;
- Energise a grassroots-driven movement for pro-people socio-economic justice through rolling out of economic literacy programmes.

Policy Research and Advocacy (PRA)

ZIMCODD work is based on evidence-based lobby and advocacy informed by research conducted in identified areas. Evidence and strategic information generated is used in CPED specifically to ensure tailored and needs driven training and capacity building of members. ZIMCODD invests policy engagements with respective authorities and pro-people advocacy campaigns.

Movement Building

Movement Building is a cross-cutting approach focusing on harnessing public voices and collective efforts at local, regional and international level to build a broad based vibrant social movement towards socioeconomic justice. ZIMCODD uses this approach to activate all sectors (including dormant ones) while ensuring that the coalition increases vibrant campaigns for social and economic justice.

Information Dissemination

ZIMCODD generates a wealth of information across thematic areas. This approach focuses on information dissemination through the development of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to ensure that community voices find expression in wider platforms.