Programming Model

Policy, Research and Advocacy Program (PRAP)

The PRAP involves evidenc based Research which is seized with conducting the research in the identified areas. The research produces material utilized in the CPED program in the training and capacity building of members. It is also used in the production of policy briefs used in policy engagements with respective authorities providing capacity for evidence based lobby and advocacy in all programming areas. The advocacy element is key in making the necessary engagements and preparing for such.

Civic Participation and Economic Development - (CPEDS)

The Civic Participation and Economic Development, (CPED), Program seeks to build on and consolidate the mobilization of the peoples of Zimbabwe to champion socio-economic justice and development. ZIMCODD utilizes existing networks to reach out to the people at grassroots and community levels. These sectors are issues organized and have access to their constituencies, which has made the CPED program very effective in getting to its membership and likeminded social movements and community organizations.

Through this sector-specific approach ZIMCODD hopes to:
- Generate public interest and opinion on civic participation and socio-economic rights.
- Develop vibrant sectors and their constituencies
- Form a grassroots-driven movement for pro-people socio-economic justice.

Through the CPED program, ZIMCODD is able to train SEJA’s, build capacities of communities on economic literacy and develop cross sector linkages on social and economic justice issues.

Campaigns, Movement Building and Networking

The special projects which include the ZSF(Zimbabwe Social Forum) and SAPSN(Southern Africa People's Solidarity Network) are important vehicles in the movement building component. These are spaces where ZIMCODD attempts to build alliances across sectors and other socia movements in promoting people’s struggles for social and economic justice.

Information Communication and Technology Program, (ICT)

The ICT facilitates effective communication on ZIMCODD activities with stakeholders through production of public relations materials, regular information updates, and production of various media material.